Loading Instructions


There are three ways to load your IO Sphere onto your kindle.

1) Provide your Kindle e-mail address to the IO Sphere staff and add the e-mail address for the IO Sphere, iosphere1@gmail.com, to your safe senders list on your Amazon account. This is done by:

  • Visit Manage Your Kindle and sign in with your Amazon account e-mail address and password.
  • Select “Personal Document Settings” from the left side menu.
  • Under the heading “Approved Personal Document E-mail List,” select “Add a new approved e-mail address.”
  • Enter the e-mail address and select “Add Address.”

2) E-mail to your Kindle using your Kindle e-mail address. If sending from the e-mail address you registered your kindle from, no further action is needed. If sending from another e-mail address you will need to add that address per the instructions above.

3) Side load the file to your Kindle device. The two above actions are the easiest and allow Amazon to manage the file for you, but if you don’t wish this file to be on Amazon, this is the method for you. The instructions are much the same as you will find for the Nook below.

Only use the Kindle version of the IO Sphere for loading to Kindle as the ePub version can’t be read on these devices.


The best method for loading on iPad is to e-mail the file to your iPad device. If you have a Kindle app loaded on your iPad, then any of the files will work fine, though it is recommended you don’t use the pdf version as you lose the functionality you get from an e-reader. When you open the e-mail and click on the attachment, iPad will allow you to select the application you wish to read the IO Sphere.
Android tablets

Some Android tablets will work just like the iPad, other won’t. You may try e-mailing to your tablet to see. If it doesn’t work, recommend you add the Kindle app and e-mail the IO Sphere to your Kindle address. Side loading is always a possibility, but with the number of Android tablets available it would be impossible for us to tell you the file structure on your particular device.


Nook doesn’t have an e-mail address to direction load your content. Therefore, the only way to load the IO Sphere onto your device is through a process called “side-loading.” This is actually a fairly simple procedure and can be done directly when you download the file by saving to your Nook.

    • Download the ePub version of the IO Sphere that you can plug your Nook into, likely your home computer (Note: if you wish to save directly to your Nook, plug in the Nook before downloading). Make sure you know where you saved the file.
    • Plug your Nook into the computer.
    • Browse your Nook to “my file” and select the file you wish to load to. Recommend either “Books” or “Magazines” but “Documents” or “Newspapers” will do just fine.
    • Eject your nook from your computer using the “safely remove media” function.

Nexus 7:

This is a new e-reader/mini-tablet from Google. While this device also uses ePub, as well as pdf and txt, one major hitch is that you can’t side-load ePubs onto the device to read external content, including the IO Sphere within the Nexus 7 reader. The only books that will load to the Nexus 7 reader are books purchased from Google Play. That said, the Nexus 7 is a tablet computer and should be treated as such. Like with the iPad, reader capabilities are secondary. That means you can download apps, including reader apps, to the device and side-load your content to the app folder for reading. Once again, if you are using an app for your reader, on any device, my recommendation is to use the Kindle app. That way you can just mail the IO Sphere to your Kindle e-mail address and it will automatically populate your library the next time you are connected to a network. If you prefer another reader application, and there are many in the Google Play Store, the side-loading instructions should be pretty much the same as the instructions for the Nook above.

Following any of the above procedures will load you journal and you may now enjoy the content. Please post a comment in the forum or contact the IO Sphere Staff if you have any questions.