Journal Library

Starting in Sep 2012, we are providing three different digital versions of the IO Sphere:

  • ePub format – This format is for use with most e-reader systems and applications to include iBooks, Nook, Sony, and Kobo.
  • Mobi format – This is one of the formats exclusively used by Kindle. Kindle will not read ePub format, so use this version if you are using a Kindle e-reader or application
  • PDF format – This version is provided to allow the users to read on any computer system loaded with Adobe Reader, to include any government system. You would also use this version if you wish to print the IO Sphere.

We have organized the IO Sphere Library by issue month, with the exception of the past issues which are lumped together in a single page. Past issues are only available in PDF versions. Under the journal library tab, select IO Sphere Issues then the period for the IO Sphere you wish to download.

To download a copy of the IO Sphere, First select the link to the page with the issue you want, then select the version you wish to download and click on the download button. When the download window opens select “save” (you may select “open” as well for the PDF version…e-reader versions will not open, but will prompt you to save instead) and select the location you wish to save to. Instructions for loading the IO Sphere to your reader can be found below.