Article Submission

Article Submission Guidelines

Please submit your article in Microsoft Word© format, version 6.0 or higher, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point. Include any graphics (photographs, charts, graphs) in separate attachments and insert a placeholder for graphics placement in the body of the paper. Example, “Place attachment one here.” Graphics should be at least 150 DPI resolution and in either TIFF or JPEG format. All original articles should be screened for unclassified-only content by the author’s parent organization’s security office (as applicable) prior to submission. Please include an affidavit (e.g., letter or email) verifying this action.

If you’re forwarding a third-party article, please provide all source information (e.g., author’s name, periodical in which the article was originally published, URL for online articles, and copyright information). The IO Sphere editor will procure reprint permissions, as applicable. If you don’t have a copy of the article, you can simply submit the URL and/or other publishing information as listed above to the editor, and we will perform follow-up actions.

E-mail submissions to or via the Article Submissions Form link on the sidebar to the right. The point of contact is the IO Sphere Editor, Mr. Myron Hustoft at 210.977.5365, DSN 969.5365.

Themes and Submission Dates

Spring Issue: IO Force Development and Training – Article Submission Date: 14 Feb; Pub Date: 1 Apr

Summer Issue: Nation State versus Culture/Ideology/Political Unrest – Submission Date: 15 May; Pub Date: 1 Jul

Fall Issue: Megatrends: US and Coalition Partner Viewpoints – Submission Date: 15 Aug; Pub Date: 1 Oct

Winter Issue: State of the Joint IO Enterprise – Submission Date 14 Nov; Pub Date 31 Dec