Calendar Year 2014 IO Sphere Themes

The JIOWC Director has selected the IO Sphere themes for calendar year 2014. Below are the themes along with the Director’s comments regarding how he would like the various issues to be shaped:

Spring:  IO Force Development and Training

– Focus on results of the FD summit and what’s changed as a result

– Identify common areas of concern for the enterprise

— Would be a good opportunity for education partners (e.g., NPS, NDU, JFSC) to describe their programs

Summer:  Nation State versus Culture/Ideology/Political Unrest

– Focus on the information environment CCMDs and Allied partners have to deal with today

— For example, even with the drawdown from Afghanistan violent extremism is not going away

— Nation states will continue to face threats from a number of vectors (and most CCMDs are affected)

— Social media as a game changer would fit well into this problem set

Fall: Megatrends: US and Coalition Partner Viewpoints

– Focus on what we see as the major trends shaping the future information environment

– What changes in capabilities will we need to make to get ahead of the trends

Winter: State of the Joint IO Enterprise

– Focus on joint and service IO capabilities and trends (by this point in time, various players should have decided how their forces are going to look based on force development and budget decisions i.e., Army and FA30/37 decision)

— For example, where does Army see IO going and what is it doing with its IO forces (same for Navy/AF/UK/Canada/etc.)

– If possible, have authors relate how megatrends identified in previous issue will affect current capabilities/trends

As always, we welcome submissions to the journal. The magazine is written by the IO community, the JIOWC is only the editor and publisher. The submission dates, along with the publication dates, can be found on this site under the “Article Submission” Tab.

In addition to the new themes, the Director would like to try classified supplements to the IO Sphere beginning in 2014. This would be in addition to the regular journal on an as needed basis. If a classified supplement is published in any given quarter, this will be stated within the magazine along with the URL to where it is posted as well as on this website. Submission guidelines will be updated to reflect this, but the classification of any articles will be no higher than SECRET Rel 5-eyes.

Thank you for your support as always.


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