Rossen Reports: Criminals use webcams for spying

Stop and think for one moment…where have you placed your laptop around the house? What direction is your desktop pointing?  An experienced hacker can access your webcam in less than a minute and gain access to your most private moments.  Criminals have the ability to enable your computer while it appears in sleep mode and completely disable the recording light.

Unfortunately, most victims are completely unaware that these cameras are remotely turned on and someone is watching/listening to their every move.

Here are a few basic countermeasures to become a harder target:

1)  When you are not using your laptop, keep it turned off and closed

2)  Use black tape to cover the cameras when not in use

3)  Do not open emails from unknown or unexpected senders

4)  Resist the urge to open links on Facebook and other social network sites

(“watch this incredible video” links in particular)

Remember, you and your family can be targets because of YOUR affiliation to the US Government. Practice personal OPSEC measures and educate your family, friends and relatives.

Video of the Rosen Report can be found here on our OPSEC videos page.

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