Comprehensive Approach to Joint Information Operations Force Development

This article attempts to describe a process for systematically linking force management concepts and functions, as they relate to IO in the joint arena, with the training and education provided to personnel in, or en route to, joint IO assignments. At the core of this connection is a new concept of assessing the characteristics of incumbent personnel and essential task requirements and discovering the resultant gaps between elemental task needs and the qualities of those personnel performing their functions. This analysis is intended to provide a synthesized, comprehensive and functional view of interactions between two interdependent processes that often act independently.

While this overarching process is a “functional management” perspective, for the sake of continuity, this article uses the phrasing defined in the JIOFOS final report, e.g. “force development” to mean the combined areas of manpower management, personnel management, education and training.

This document represents one view of a comprehensive approach to IO training & education and force management processes.  The author welcomes all feedback on this methodology and is interested in discussing other possible systems used to address the issue.  He can be reached either by commenting on this post or via email at:

The entire document can be downloaded below:

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