Redefining Information Warfare Boundaries for an Army in a Wireless World

RAND articleRAND recently published a monograph (178 pages total) titled “Redefining Information Warfare Boundaries for an Army in a Wireless World”. This paper examines the changes in communications that have been brought about by the move to digital communications and the implications for cyber operations.  The below is an extract from the document:

An examination of network operations, information operations, and the more focused areas of electronic warfare, signals intelligence, electromagnetic spectrum operations, public affairs, and psychological operations in the U.S. military found significant overlap that could inform the development of future Army doctrine in these areas. In clarifying the prevailing boundaries between these areas of interest, it is possible to predict the progression of these boundaries in the near future. The investigation also entailed developing new definitions that better capture this overlap for such concepts as information warfare. This is important because the Army is now studying ways to apply its cyber power and is reconsidering doctrinally defined areas that are integral to operations in cyberspace. It will also be critical for the Army to approach information operations with a plan to organize and, if possible, consolidate its operations in two realms: the psychological, which is focused on message content and people, and the technological, which is focused on content delivery and machines.

Key Findings:

Revisions in Army Doctrine Will Be Needed to Meet the Challenges the Changing Information Environment Presents

  • This will be necessary in part to address variant authorities for different operations.
  • It is also necessary to address and standardize terminology.

Technology and Content Areas Require Specific Expertise

  • A distinction needs to be made between the actual information and the means used to move it about.
  • It might be helpful to consolidate areas of expertise into the broad areas of “inform and influence operations” and “information technical operations.”
  • Having dedicated career paths for these two areas would also be helpful.

Click on the cover to go to the RAND site to download this monograph.

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