Director of the Joint Staff Signs New Joint IO Doctrine

JP 3-13, Information OperationsOn 27 November, the director of the Joint Staff signed the new Joint Pub 3-13, Information Operations (IO). This publication provides the joint community with information operations doctrine and how to accomplish IO planning to employ these forces. This is the first substantive update to overall IO joint doctrine since February, 2006. Following lists the summary of changes since the previously published doctrine. The most substantive change is in the definition of IO, which this doctrine encapsulates and expands on to ensure IO planning is used according to this definition.

· Identifies the information environment as the aggregate of individuals, organizations, and systems that collect, process, disseminate or act on information.

· Defines information-related capabilities (IRCs) as tools, techniques or activities employed within a dimension of the information environment, which can be used to achieve a specific end(s).

· Introduces the information-influence relational framework as a model illustrating the use of means and ways, through the applications of IRCs, to achieve an end(s) through influence of a target audience (TA).

· Defines TA as an individual or group selected for influence.

· Describes information operations (IO) as the integrated employment, during military operations, of IRCs in concert with other lines of operation, to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp the decision making of adversaries and potential adversaries while protecting our own.

· Designates the IO staff as the combatant command focal point for IO and the IO cell as the planning element responsible for integration and synchronization of IRCs to achieve national or combatant commander objectives against adversaries or potential adversaries.

· Emphasizes IO must be integrated into all steps of the joint operation planning process.

· Articulates that it is vital to integrate multinational partners into joint IO planning, in order to gain agreement on an integrated and achievable IO strategy.

The full JP 3-13 is located at the Joint Electronic Library in the Operations Series Section.

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