Strategic Landpower White Paper

The attached white paper is the first of a number of think pieces to be published by a combined, Army, Marine Corps, SOCOM Strategic Landpower Task Force (SLTF) that stood up in late 2012. The SLTF’s objective is to integrate the psychological or “human domain” aspects of conflict into military thinking and planning.

The white paper asserts that the strategies to accomplish the 10 primary missions of the US armed forces as articulated in the 2012 Defense Planning Guidance all involve influencing people-be they heads of state, tribal elders, militaries and their leaders or even an entire population. “Operations in the human domain provide a unique capability to preclude and deter conflict through shaping operations that leverage partners and populations to enhance local and regional stability.” As such the paper has particular relevance to JIOWC practitioners who are about to embark on the organization’s Trans-regional Conflict Prevention Initiative.

Redefining Information Operations by Colonel Carmine Cicalese


Joint information operations (IO) is advancing, and tomorrow’s military operations will call for professionals who understand the past IO environment and can thus press the potentialities of the future. IO must be adapted to circumstances, yet it must also be planned and executed within its doctrinal definition, which again requires a thoughtful breed of information warrior. Informing all audiences will remain a growth industry for some time, necessitating a cadre that can comfortably operate in and shape the information environment, in the process providing commanders with expanded options and reducing staff tensions.

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